Benefits For Schools & Tutors

With instant access to over 21,000 Eleven Plus questions, the Eleven Plus Online portal provides both Schools and Tutors with a simple to use online student management and homework platform.  There are many benefits, below are just some.


Latest teaching content and questions today

You might still be using old 11 plus exam papers, photocopies of old books or trying to create learning material yourself.  Above all, this is ineffective, wastes time, money and can infringe copyright.  However, there is a legal and cheaper alternative which is a simple and safe. The anser is one simple Portal that provides all the 11-Plus material that you need. The Portal that even looks and feels like it’s your own website.

Easy to setup

The 11 Plus Tutor portal requires no computer expertise. In other words, We do all technical work for you. All you and your students need is access to the internet. In addition to building your portal, We can also arrange the domain name (i.e. your “web address”). The customisation will include updating the portal with your brand, images, logos and text. This will all be completed within 4 working days of your order being received.

Managing Students

You can manage Student work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week online. You can add or remove Students, update their details, reset passwords or disable accounts.  It could not be easier.  The portal has a notice boards for simple class communication and Students can be enabled to create their own tests. However, in case you have any support queries or tricky questions from your Students, You can contact us or even log on as teh student. 

Group Students for easier management

You can create “groups” to help manage your Students. A Group can be anything you wish, popular choices are by cohort, subject or specific stage of learning.  However, Students can also be managed individually.  For example, a group of Students may start later in the year after specific topics have already been covered. Therefore, by separating out these Students you can ensure that you can set additional practice work for these students without impacting the remainder of the class. We leave it to your imagination and ways of working on how you use these groups

An endless supply of questions

The 11-Plus portal has virtually an endless supply of questions covering all core subjects and types. This means, You can select which subject to use when creating practice tests or even combine them. In addition, We constantly upgrade the question bank. However, if you think we are missing a question type or we can improve the bank, we will update it. 

As many tests as you want

You can create as many tests as you want. This means that each test you create uses a random set of questions; no two tests are the same. You can clone tests (i.e. for catchup of Students who join later in the year). Addittionally, you can give each test a friendly name like “Sunday morning Maths Test 1” allowing you to create the tests in advance and plan your workload. Some of our tutors create tests for the whole year in advance. You can also mark selected test as “favourites” for easier reference and discussion with Students.


You can see all the questions and answers selected by a student. Addittionally, the Portal also provides a performance dashboard with a set of reports configured for you. You can see the results of an individual student or a group.  This will help you identify Students that excel or those that need help or targeted practice tests. The performance dashboard has been refined to analyse by question type, compare a student’s performance with the peer group or even school, which is not possible in a normal classroom environment. 

Export Student results

We realise that although our online tests and reports are great, you still may wish to download a student’s results to discuss with parents. Moreover, you can export the results of all tests in easy portable Microsoft Excel format. In other words, you have full visibility and access to student results.

Free Downloads

We provide free 11-Plus downloadable papers for your students in a focused download area of the portal. These downloads quality copyrighted materials created by our 11-Plus team.  You can add your own downloads to your portal in your own safe and secure environment that are instantly available, visible and downloadable only to your students.