Frequently Asked Questions

From how long does it take to setup, to the power of your 11-Plus Tutor portal. We have it covered.

Eleven Plus Tutor Portal ordering and setup process

What technical skills do I need as a 11 Plus Tutor?

None. If you can browse a web site, you can not only use the 11-Plus Portal, but we are confident that you will be able to manage and administer all your students as well. 

Do I need any hardware?

No. Any PC, laptop (or even a tablet/ iPad although we would not recommend it) can be used to access and administer the 11-Plus Portal.

How long does it take to have my 11-Plus Portal working?

With your support we can have a new 11-Plus Portal working 4 days after your order. Our technical teams are very responsive.

I have already registered my own domain name. Can I use this?

Yes. We can help you transfer your existing domain name. 

What about the images and my specific text on my 11-Plus Portal front page?

We provide a selection of images for free, you can provide your own images (subject to copyright) or you buy additional images. 

Can the front page be changed?

We customise the 11-Plus Portal front page to your school or business. 

Eleven Plus Tutor Portal management

How many students can I register to use the 11-Plus Portal?

The number of Students you can have active at any one time on your Portal depends on the number of licences you purchase. The minimum number of licences is 15, there is no maximum number of licences.   You can start small and then add more students as you grow your business.

How do I manage student accounts?

Managing students is easy. We provide a detailed help guide which teaches you to add, delete or update the details of the Students yourself, all these tasks are very easy. We also provide a free test portal if your wish to ‘try before you buy’.  For comfort, Schools or Tutors very rarely, if ever need to contact us with 11-Plus Portal queries.

Can Students create their own tests? Can I restrict this?

Yes and Yes. Students can create their own tests provided you allow them to. This is a setting which you (as the Tutor) can turn on or off any time. For example, you might want to turn this on during the term break or half term so that the students can create more tests at their own pace.

I have students at different levels. how do I manage this?

The 11-Plus Portal has a "groups" function to make Student management easier. A group (with a logical name like “New starters”) can have any number of Students who may need a particular type of questions in comparison to other students.  Students can be linked to many groups simultaneously if you wish allowing tutors to create tests targeted at specific groups instead of all students. 

Can I set homework? and is the homework marked?

Yes and Yes. We call them "tests" and the portal marks and provides reports at test, individual student, and all student level. This is what the Portal is all about.

What reports do you have?

Our team and other schools and tutors have thought about every report you might need to asses the performance of a student, compare it with other students, or measure their progress over time. We are confident that you will like the reports we have designed, but we can always design more if you think of one, we don’t have.

Can I request more student accounts?

Yes. We would be happy to add more students to your 11-Plus Portal as you grow your business.